We are in the throes of Super Tuesday, and Pennsylvania Democrats may have a clearer picture Wednesday as to who they’ll be voting for in a few weeks.

Come April 28, Pennsylvania Democrats in Monroe and Pike counties will head to the polls to pick from a lighter list of candidates they’d like to see campaign for president. Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Tulsi Gabbard, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders remained in the race as of Tuesday, but this list may get shorter depending on the day’s results.

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It may be too early to tell, but Biden and Sanders are projected to be front runners after Tuesday’s votes are tallied. But the competition is tight, and this mirrors how voters are feeling in Pennsylvania.

The top polling candidates in Pennsylvania remain Biden and Sanders.

If you look back at 2016, Sanders trailed would-be nominee Hillary Clinton, taking 46% of the Primary election vote in Monroe County. Sanders missed taking Pike County by less than 200 votes. But in 2020 Sanders could have his year, and he’s polling better than ever— especially in Pennsylvania.

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Taking a look at recent polls, Biden is projected to do well against President Donald Trump — if he’s the nominee. According to Real Clear Politics, a self-described conservative news source, Biden is projected to beat Trump by nabbing 47% of the vote, based on an average of poll data. Sanders is projected to do even better, potentially garnering as much as 48% of the vote against Trump. RCP measures poll data across the country, and cites multiple poll sources, including the Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll and other joint efforts between universities and newspapers nationwide.

When Biden, the moderate Democrat, former vice president and Scranton native, and Bernie, the Democratic socialist and multi-term senator, start polling higher than Trump in a state that went red for the first time in 28 years in 2016, people take notice.

Although polls only paint a partial picture, for Democrats in Pennsylvania, these results speak volumes. The ballot is starting to take shape.

Here’s where Sanders and Biden stand on a few key issues in Pennsylvania

The environment

Why it’s important: The Poconos is known for being a top outdoor recreation destination, and 80% of Pennsylvania’s designated "exceptional value" waters exist in Monroe County.

Biden: hopes to introduce a Clean Energy Revolution plan if elected to address the climate change emergency.

Sanders: would introduce the Green New Deal plan to invest in research, development and implementation of programs that would reduce risk and improve resilience.


Biden: Would not ban.

Sanders: Would ban.

Why it’s important: Pennsylvania’s Marcellus-shale industry is one of the nation’s largest and most profitable.

Genetically modified foods

Both Biden and Sanders would require producers to label GMOs.

Why it’s important: Pennsylvania is a leader in soy production in the United States. Soy remains a top crop in Monroe County.

Property taxes

Biden: Is against increases in sales tax to reduce property taxes.

Sanders: Would decrease rates for senior citizens.

Why it’s important: Monroe County completed a property tax reassessment in 2019. Inability to pay property taxes remain a contributing factor to foreclosures in the Poconos.

Gun control

Both Biden and Sanders support universal background checks and banning assault-style semi-automatic weapons.

Why it’s important: Approximately 27% of Pennsylvanians own firearms.

Student loans

Biden: Would increase the generosity of the income-based repayment plan and include more incentives for careers in public service.

Sanders: Would forgive student loans and invest funding in universal education to make college free.

Why it’s important: Pennsylvania has the second-highest student debt load in the United States.

Information from USAToday and isidewith.com.

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