Both the Rock Mitigation Project and the I-80 Expansion are unnecessary projects that will impose untold misery on residents and visitors to the Poconos.

It is bad enough the Poconos just came off a Bridge Replacement project that tormented many people for years. Now NJDOT and PennDOT want to mess with rocks that have been there since the beginning of time, and are suddenly bothering somebody, and expand I-80 to the point where nobody will be going anywhere too fast for five years, we are told.

One problem not mentioned yet was the impact this would have on the taxicab business. More people use cabs than one might guess. It's not easy waiting for hours for a cab in extreme cold or heat. People will be late for doctor's appointments, heck, we will be late for everything. For five years. What if these are the last five years of a person's life?

But NJDOT and PennDot know better, I suppose. They are simply justifying their jobs.

Dianne Kurkowski-Worm, Stroudsburg