Some Republican Senators Justified their votes to acquit President Trump by quoting then Senator Biden’s statement during the Clinton impeachment: “The Constitution sets the bar for impeachment very high”. That is what he said and it is accurate, but equating the Clinton impeachment and Trump’s is dishonest and hypocritical.

President Clinton had a consensual sexual relationship with a White House aid and lied about it under oath. That was immoral and offensive, but it didn’t contravene his constitutional obligations, frustrate an act of Congress, jeopardize the ability of an ally to defend itself against aggression by an enemy state, or seek bogus evidence to favor his reelection, as Trump did. Trump held back aid that Congress had authorized and a presidential meeting needed by an ally country to resist Russian aggression, and he did it to coerce a baseless investigation against a political adversary to bias the next election. There is no credible dispute over what he did and why he did it. It is hard to imagine anything that is a more corrupt abuse of the office of president or more inimical to our national interests.

Clinton reacted to the acquittal vote by apologizing and seeking conciliation. Trump responded by asserting that he had done nothing wrong, vilifying the people who offered evidence (by giving truthful testimony) that proved his culpability and exacting retribution against them.

All 14 of the currently serving Republican Senators who voted that Clinton’s sexual dalliances satisfied that “very high bar” and justified removing him from office, now voted that Trump’s unauthorized denial of Congressionally approved aid to our ally and attempted election tampering did not. That is blatant hypocrisy.

Robert L. Baechtold, Pocono Pines