A Northampton Community College graduate made World War I-inspired COVID-19 awareness posters that were displayed around campus during the spring semester and that may be added to the Monroe County Historical Association’s COVID-19 exhibit.

Meaghan Grennan, who was a fine arts major, made the posters as part of the Artistry Collective Club at Northampton Community College's Monroe Campus this past spring. The club’s advisor, Professor Alma Barrantes, came up with the idea to edit World War I posters.

"Our club meeting was within just days of when the first cases were reported in Monroe County, making it more important than ever to do something proactive on campus," Grennan said.

Grennan used Photoshop to remove text from the original posters, like the classic Uncle Sam "I want you for U.S. Army" image, and add slogans relevant to the novel coronavirus.