After months of searching for a new manager Stroudsburg Borough is apparently getting closer to filling the six-figure job with an in-house candidate.

Jim Smith, the former borough council president, said Monday there is a “good possibility” the job will go to Brian Ace, who is director of public works, which is commonly referred to as the streets department.

If Ace gets the borough manager position, he will be dealing with more than streets. The borough manager is responsible for all day-to-day operations and implementation of long-term plans, directives and policies set by borough council.

The subject of hiring a new borough manager is expected to surface during a closed door executive session Tuesday night when council meets, Smith said.

“We’re putting together a proposal for him,” Smith said. Council hired a headhunter company to find candidates for the job and advertised the salary as $100,000, a number Smith has said he considers too high for Stroudsburg.

Mary Pat Quinn has been acting as interim borough manager since Jennifer Maier, who was hired in April 2018, quit last year to accept a a similar position in the Rahway, N.J., area, where she owns a home.

Quinn is a former municipal clerk and treasurer in Hope, N.J., who came to Stroudsburg after retiring in 2016 and got a job with the borough. She’s previously acted as interim borough manager when the borough needed someone to fill in.

Maier, an architect and certified public works manager, left Stroudsburg to return to New Jersey. Maier beat out more than 50 other candidates vying for the borough manager job in Stroudsburg. Before coming to the Poconos she managed two boroughs in N.J.

Ace was the only “local” person who applied for the borough manager’s job, Smith said. About four others were interviewed for the position, he said.

Maier served less than two years on the job before accepting a similar position in the Rahway, N.J., area, where she owns a home.